eManazel Services

Contract Management

Smart services allow you to manage all type of property contract short and long term contract and track all payment and due alerts from one Smart hub. Following community standard and Rules, email contract.


Smart accounting book keeping, allows managing of all fess in case of home association and property services, including expanses, billing, invoicing and more.

Visitor Management

Smart Visitor management and tracking of all in/out visitor and generate QR for everyone entering the property, linked to Smart Gate ensuring higher security.

Maintenance & Support

Smart Maintenance collaboration and tracking of all services, ensuring job is done well and on time, Tracking history of all units and work done, linking all services provider with tenants.

Complaint Management

Smart Tracking and collaboration with all users within the organization to ensure higher satisfaction with minimum effort.

Asset and Facility Management

And More functions available like Facility management ( for proactive and Preventive maintenance ensuring better property life).

Properties and Facility Agencies